No. 13 Distilling Company
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our story

Recognizing the need to grow the craft spirits community in Winnipeg, siblings Jenna Diubaldo and Kyla Wiseman set out to open a tiny distillery with a big goal: to help put their hometown on the map as a destination for those seeking out exceptional, handmade spirits. Fixing to build a dream on a small budget, the team drafted a plan that would focus on hard work

 and perseverance, rather than deep pockets. And thus, No. 13 Distilling Company was born - the name chosen as a nod to Jenna’s late father, a tireless entrepreneur who had once owned and renovated the old decommissioned Firehall No. 13 in the North End of Winnipeg.


manitoba proud

Manitobans are proud of where they are from and what this beautiful province has to offer. At No. 13 Distilling Company we feel the exact same way and that is why we are excited to contribute to the vibrant and growing local alcohol industry. We are proud to distill with Manitoba grown and harvested grain and botanicals at every opportunity. 



Small Batch

Our small batch spirits are made by hand to ensure that every bottle meets a high standard and delivers a consistent and quality spirit. We’re focusing on providing new and unique products to a growing cocktail industry, because we believe that where local craft beer has gone, Manitoba craft spirits will follow.


Independently Owned

No. 13 Distilling is proudly homegrown and very DIY. This means we have complete control over our products, making the best and most creative spirits to share with our customers. We are a 100% independently owned company, and we put our heart and soul into every batch.